Obtain Residence Permit in Montenegro

Any individual who intends to stay and work in Montenegro for a period longer than three months has to obtain a residence permit. Our experts in EOS MNE can give you more details about the procedure of obtaining a residence permit for this country.

Application for a residence permit in Montenegro

Foreign individuals who buy a property or register a company in Montenegro are able to obtain a one year residence permit, regardless of the value of the property or business. This temporary residence permit can be extended annually and can be obtained only by the following categories of owners: of houses, apartments, Montenegrin companies, hotels, restaurants and holiday homes. The application for a residence permit in Montenegro has to contain the following documents:

  • Proof of property ownership (buying/selling contract);
  • A bank receipt attesting a bank deposit of 3,650 EUR into a Montenegrin bank – this amount is considered sufficient funds to remain in Montenegro;
  •  Valid medical insurance covering a 30 days period;
  • Copies of each page of your passport;
  • Certificate of no criminal record in your country of origin;
  • Proof of registration with the local police in Montenegro – this is compulsory within the first 24 hours after your arrival in Montenegro;
  • Diploma or certificate from school
  • Proof of paying the residence permit fee of 65 EUR.

Please note that once you are granted a residence permit in Montenegro, you have to notify the local police any time you leave and return to the country. Our specialists can help you set up a company and apply for a residence permit.

Grounds for requiring a residence permit in Montenegro

According to the Montenegrin civil law, the residence permit can be issued for more than 90 days on the following grounds:

  • Employment;
  • Family reunification;
  • Real estate ownership;
  • Company formation in Montenegro;
  • Education (university, vocational, student exchange);
  • Scientific research;
  • Medical care;
  • Humanitarian missions;
  • Any other grounds stipulated by law or international agreements.