Company management in Montenegro

Upon the client’s request, EOS MNE will take on the partial or complete management of your company. The trust mandates are executed by experienced lawyers, tax consultants or auditors. The professional EOS MNE back office then implements your decisions quickly and competently.

Annual company management costs

The annual adminstrative costs amount depends on the actual services for which EOS MNE is contracted.

EOS MNE service: Company management, domiciliation; office services, accounting; tax returns; annual accounts and trust mandates.

  • Comprehensive expert advice on tax and legal issues – in advance of and following the formation of the company
  • A real domicile in Montenegro
  • Complete office services for the company (mail, telephone, fax, e-mail, etc.)
  • Trustee director / Trustee administrative council / Trustee shareholders
  • Opening of a bank account in Montenegro or in third countries - including internet banking and credit cards
  • Certification of the bank account
  • Accounting, tax returns and annual accounts
  • Contract documentation and invoice templates according to Luxembourg law
  • Value-added tax (VAT) number/ EU tax ID number / ID number
  • Preparation and execution of ordinary and extraordinary general meetings / meetings of the board of directors
  • Amendment of the articles of association
  • Preparation of all corporate documents, tax statements, power of attorney declarations, etc.
  • Commissaries reports / Audit reports / Annual accounts
  • Legalisation (Apostles on corporate documents / commercial-registry excerpts)
  • Preparation of invoices
  • Administration of bank accounts
  • Auditors’ attestations
  • Financial statements
  • Registration of documents (Commercial Register)
  • Deposition of documents (Commercial Register)
  • Visa invitations
  • Draft contracts