Auditing services and tax and legal consultation

EOS MNE guarantees the highest quality of consultation in commercial-, tax-, corporate- and contract law as applies in Montenegro as well as internationally.The team is specialised, has many years of experience, is informed and innovative.Our lawyers, auditors and tax consultants work independently, at their own risk and are also subject to all applicable regulations governing their respective professions.Our lawyers are licensed to appear in all courts within the European Union (EU).  Our auditors and tax consultants perform their work in compliance with European and American standards.

Tax planning

International tax planning is a core competency of our consulting services.

Succession consultation

EOS MNE works with you to develop solutions for secure and tax-optimised succession planning in partnerships and corporations, taking into account all variations of international inheritance-, gift- and other transfer provisions.

Asset structuring

EOS MNE offers advice on the formation of legal entities as well as the transfer of all types of assets to these entities – with the objective of separating personal from structural assets. Objectives: succession planning, creditor protection, mobility/ flexibility and discretion.