Shelf Companies in Montenegro

Montenegro is a country situated on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, in the vicinity of Italy and Croatia. It is a relatively new and developing market for foreign investors, where you could find many unexploited sectors and niches for a profitable and safe business. In order to have a smooth entering on the Montenegrin market, you might take in consideration the buying of a ready-made company in Montenegro. You can rely on the legal service of our Montenegro company formation specialists for a safe development of your business in this country.

Advantages of shelf companies in Montenegro

Shelf companies in Montenegro are legal structures which have already been setup and ready to be acquired. When buying a shelf company, the most obvious advantages are the skipping of the formation process, including the realization of the application and the obtaining of the required documents and approvals. The only necessary procedure is a transfer of property. Thus an investor can start its business activity immediately, with no delay.